Statement Sized Pendent Necklace | Mountains Graphic | Walnut | 34" 2 mm Leather Cord

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Sword and Skull is offering a statement sized pendent necklace made of fine solid walnut with a Mountains graphic design with a 34" 2 mm round distressed blue-green cord. The finish is a fine finish using Danish Oil and Finishing Wax both hand rubbed to keep the natural texture of the walnut wood.

  • Pendent
    • Made of Solid Walnut
    • Laser Engraved Mountain Graphic
    • Laser Cut Mid-Century Modern inspired shape
    • Hand finished for a finish feeling like wood not plastic like polyurethane 
      • Fine Sanding
      • Edges Eased
      • Hand-rubbed Danish Oil Finish
      • Final Hand-rubbed Finishing Wax for a final polish
    • Approximately - 3 1/8" Tall
    • Approximately - 2" Wide
    • Approximately - 1/4" Thick
  • Necklace
    • 2 mm Round Distressed Blue-Green Cord
    • 34" Cord Length (Adjustable)
    • The clasp is design by Sword and Skull
      • Sword and Skull Studio Produced
      • Easy to use
      • Laser cut for accuracy
      • Used with a 2 mm round leather cord
      • Baltic Birch Plywood is used for multi-directional strength
      • Extremely strong when used with the leather cord
        • Stronger than metal clasps
      • Adjustable to a shorter length if so desired